Who is The Wealthy Finn?

FINALLY someone from Finland who writes in English about financial freedom, right? Right!

I'm The Wealthy Finn and I'm from Finland. I'm 35, I work in the IT sector, as does my wife - no kids (maybe one day). I've been pursuing financial freedom since I started my working life, almost 11 years ago. My original plan was to get to 1,000,000 € by the age of forty. With not many years to go, how am I doing?

I'm going to try and make this blog as international as possible. We don't all have 401K:s etc., our taxes and their refunds work a little differently everywhere and so on. Therefore, you will likely not get very detailed instructions on how to play those systems on this blog. However, the way money works is universal. The path to financial freedom is the same no matter what part of the planet you're reading this from.

I'm pretty good with numbers, so you'll likely see lots of those here. I will do my best to make my posts interesting through visualizations and actual real-life hard numbers. We'll get to my net worth in the next post. I'm not filthy rich.

I'm also pretty handy when it comes to web tech, so I'll be building tools that help my readers do stuff - like how long do they have until they theoretically could afford to retire, whether renting is financially a more viable option to them than buying or how many working days would they need to sustain their current way of living.

I'm going to put a lot of effort into making this blog enjoyable for you to read. I'm pretty O.K. with developing HTML, but I might be a bit handicapped with having an eye for visual appeal. I'll do my best ok? A lot of blogs around these days are built with free templates downloaded from who knows where and they just look horrible, right? Blinking ads that want you to take a loan you don't need or buy garbage you don't want. I will have affiliate links on my blog, but I'll make sure they're all valuable to you. This theme I put together - I know it isn't very bling-bling, but I hope you haven't squinted at the font or got distracted due to an ad? Well, maybe the pop-up, asking you to subscribe to the list.

Please subscribe to the list. I promise I won't spam you. I'll try to write a blog post every week, but I might sometimes miss a week. You won't regret it, trust me! And you can unsubscribe when ever you want, if you choose to.
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