NEO Finance review 2021: Efficient peer lending without middlemen


I haven't written new reviews for a while, mostly since I don't like writing bad reviews and there's little to say about most platforms. But for some reason NEO Finance was different. Two things stood out:

  1. They are listed on the Vilnus Stock Exchange (VSE) with the ticker NEOFI
  2. They operate a payment initiation service Neopay

I'll explain further why I think these are important, but first, let's cover some more background.

What is P2P investing?

Originally the term P2P investing (peer-to-peer investing) was coined to refer to the form of investing where individuals (peers) lend to other individuals, with the use of a service (aka. a platform) that facilitates the transaction. The borrower would raise a loan of e.g. 1000€ and multiple private lenders could pitch in to the loan.

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