Free Wealth Tracker for Google Sheets

Keeping track of your assets does not have to be complicated. And you don't need to do it often either. While many of us can check our assets once in a while, it's much more satisfying to see how it has developed over time.

What seems to happen to me is that I also forget to account for all the different assets. Sometimes I calculate my car, other times I leave out my cryptos. I also don't like to track everything every month, which leads to missing values in a monthly chart, for example.

So, to cater for my own needs, I decided to create this nifty little Google Sheet to track my wealth. It works very simply:

  • There's a list for your assets. Another list for your liabilities.
  • Whenever you want, you just update those lists.
  • Every month, the sheet takes a snapshot of the situation and stores it automatically.
  • The sheet will then produce a timeline of how your assets develop. All you need to do is once in a while check your assets and update their values to the main tab.

You can of course go back in the history and modify the snapshots taken by the script - that is if you want. You don't have to.

Let's have a look at the tool.

The free asset tracker for Google Sheets

This is really the only tab you need. On the left you have your current assets. In the middle your current liabilities. Just keep those lists updated when you wish. I do it every month.

You can store your target wealth and you'll get a simple calculation of how much is left. I'll add more logic to this later, and try to add a prediction to how quickly you will reach your target based on your history.

How to get the asset tracker

Get the free wealth tracker from Gumroad using the button below. There are a few technical instructions in there you will need.

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