My net worth is 417 000 at age 35

It has taken me nine years to get here, but here I am, closing in on the midpoint of my journey. I was lucky to start my career during the previous stock market crash. Of course I had almost no money to invest, but emotionally it was easy. There was almost zero chance you could lose money on the stock market during that time.

When Can You Retire: The Calculator for Financial Independence

How long will it take for you to reach financial independence and retire early? This smart calculator will tell you exactly how long!

Who is The Wealthy Finn?

FINALLY someone from Finland who writes in English about financial freedom, right? Right!

I'm The Wealthy Finn and I'm from Finland. I'm 35, I work in the IT sector, as does my wife - no kids (maybe one day). I've been pursuing financial freedom since I started my working life, almost 11 years ago. My original plan was to get to 1,000,000 € by the age of forty. With not many years to go, how am I doing?

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