Kuetzal is having a crisis and I'm pulling the plug

So much has happened with Kuetzal recently. People have requested me to write my own thoughts about the platform and perhaps now is the right time to do that.

Fast Invest review: concerns outweigh performance

Fast Invest Ltd is a peer lending platform from Lithuania that has over 30 000 active users per day. I've invested 10,000 € on Fast Invest and this is my unbiased review of my experiences.

There are lots to like, such as performance and predictability. But, people have also found some interesting things on Fast Invest. Read to learn more and what I eventually ended up doing!

December 2019 update: 1,686 € passive monthly income

Highlights from past month:
  • Passive income was 1,686 € 📈
  • ... and not much else 😀

Can you become a millionaire by 40?

a man relaxing on the floor enjoying his spare time

How do you become a millionaire? It's not a complicated matter, if you have time.

If you don't want to wait until an old age though and you want to become a millionaire by age of 40, what can you do? Turns out, there are very universal truths one must follow.

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