Sustainable investing: how to profit while healing the planet

The planet is dying. We're doing an utterly shitty job taking care of the so-far only planet we have. It's no-one's fault, and everyone's. If we are not blowing Earth up with fission bombs, we're slowly scorching it to ashes. But we don't have to.

How we grew our net worth to 900,000 € by age 35

When I learned that the author over at Budgets Are Sexy has a combined net worth a little north of $920,000 I thought "damn, this blogging legend is so far ahead!" But it turned out he's not so much ahead as I first figured. Many people count net worth as a combined household number. I never thought of that!

Grupeer review: crowdlending with 13% interest with full buyback guarantee

Grupeer is p2p investment platform from Riga, Latvia that operates in at least 7 different countries. Grupeer has three categories of investments: loan deals, development projects and a soon-to-be-released product they call the "stability fund". Loan deals and development projects are technically both loans and they behave in a very similar manner.

Robocash review: The easiest peer lending platform in Europe

Robocash is a P2P investment platform with 12% interest and very low risk. It is open for investors from the EU and Switzerland, but brokering loans from mostly Asia at the moment. Robocash is still small, but it belongs to a large, hungry parent company: Robocash Group.

Mintos review: over 11% return with no risk? Not so fast.

I've invested over 22,500 € into Mintos and got over 11% interest for it. The buyback guarantee and a diverse selection of loan originators is Mintos' strong points, making it a strong backbone of my P2P portfolio.

Bondora review: why Bondora shouldn't have a buyback guarantee

Bondora is a P2P lending platform from Estonia that works in a very straight forward way. You:
  1. Sign up and set up your account
  2. Transfer money
  3. Set up your investing strategy
You have three different investing options:
  • Portfolio manager is the basic loan allocator
  • Portfolio pro gives you more control of what loans to invest in
  • Go & Grow is a fully liquid 'fund' that gives you a fixed return
Once everything is set up, it's very hands-off: your strategy is automated and works in the background, hopefully making you richer every day - some strategies with much more risk than others.

May update: 2,089 € in passive income!

Another very interesting month behind and a big step closer towards financial freedom. My first stage goal is 3,000€ in monthly passive pre-tax income, which translates to 2,100€ post-tax. As per my previous post, my monthly expenses are about 2,200€, so the goal doesn't currently completely cover my expenses, but, there is definitely some wiggle room in my budget (ehm. travel) for me to still live very comfortably with what I'm targeting.

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