Sustainable investing: how to profit while healing the planet

The planet is dying. We're doing an utterly shitty job taking care of the so-far only planet we have. It's no-one's fault, and everyone's. If we are not blowing Earth up with fission bombs, we're slowly scorching it to ashes. But we don't have to.

Mintos review: 11% peer lending return with no risk?

I've invested over 22,500 € into Mintos P2P platform and got over 11.2% interest for it. The buyback guarantee and a diverse selection of loan originators is Mintos' strong points, making it a strong backbone of my P2P portfolio.

Bondora review: why Bondora shouldn't have a buyback guarantee

Bondora is a P2P lending platform from Estonia that works in a very straight forward way. You:
  1. Sign up and set up your account
  2. Transfer money
  3. Set up your investing strategy
You have three different investing options:
  • Portfolio manager is the basic loan allocator
  • Portfolio pro gives you more control of what loans to invest in
  • Go & Grow is a fully liquid 'fund' that gives you a fixed return
Once everything is set up, it's very hands-off: your strategy is automated and works in the background, hopefully making you richer every day - some strategies with much more risk than others.

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