Crowdestor review: Business loans with high risk and return

crowdestor logo

I seem to have a suspicious amount of favorites, but Crowdestor definitely has a certain special place in my peer lending investment heart. Interest rates are awesome and while they don't have a buyback guarantee, they have something even better.

Trine investment review: Passive income while helping the planet

Right now, more than one billion people lack access to electricity. Trine, founded by Andreas Lehner and Sam Manaberi, is an investment platform of funding solar energy projects.

Trine investment platform uses a novel crowdfunding model to offer financial solutions to off-grid solar projects. They ensure that solar energy gets to the people who need electricity and makes it easy for people to make a social-environmental impact while making profits when they invest.

Get higher returns and less risk with science: Modern Portfolio Theory

I'm sure you've heard many times: "Stocks historically have the highest returns." Since you have decades left in the tank, you have put everything in stocks, because that's the strategy that yields the highest returns, right?

Actually, no.

Most investors don't know the scientifically correct way to maximize their returns. I'll tell you how it is.

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