My 2½ year old Bondora portfolio has returned 27%

Bondora is very different to for example Mintos. Two things set Bondora apart from the competition
  1. They issue the loans themselves, and
  2. They don't have a buyback guarantee (Read my Bondora review on why they shouldn't either)
This should at first alarm you. With this kind of setup, Bondora's intresses aren't exactly aligned with yours, as Bondora will make money even if you don't.

More real estate and stocks

Investing is exciting. I have a particular dislike for losing money, but I especially hate losing money due to scams.

Two scams occurring simultaneously has made me question my approach: a heavy peer lending portfolio. In fact, had I been in stocks last year instead of peer lending, I'd be perhaps 50k€ richer today. 🤷

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