Aggregate European FI-blogger progress

Hey there! I'm the author of The Wealthy Finn blog. I'm a Finnish FI blogger and I started blogging already in 2010 at I've recently decided to go international and start blogging about the same in English at

What perhaps separates me from many other bloggers is that I put some effort into building re-usable tools rather than one-off updates. One such example is the passive income calculator. I'm also working on a tool to help decide whether to buy or rent a home (already in Finnish) and how one compares financially to demographically similar readers.

I have a proposal for you that should bring everyone more readers. Since a lot of bloggers track their progress in terms of passive income, I'm already working with a few to aggregate all of that together in one place in a way that was easy to update by the blogger and so that the content would be easily shareable by anyone. This should be an interesting content piece in itself and done right, should be very evergreen material.

On the dataset, the date that is the first of the month simply refers to that whole month. So, for 2019-10-01 (October 1st 2019) assign all October's income. I will cut off the data so that the current month only becomes visible once the month is full.

Due to the high interest I need to ask you to:

  1. Keep your chart up-to-date. 
  2. Embed the chart on your blog so I can see its pageviews.
This makes it easy for me to find stale blogs I can clean up from the chart and it will be a more pleasant experience for everyone. Also, I find that if other blogs are sending traffic your way, it's fun to return the favor 😊. Blog links will also be ordered based on the number of pageviews generated.

If you wish to participate and you write your blog in English, go ahead and clone this GDrive spreadsheet for yourself and share it to me at with the green Share button (read-only is enough, but you can give me edit rights too in case there's a problem with formatting).

You can embed this on your own blog with the following code

If you want to participate, go ahead and clone the spreadsheet and share it to me with a link to your blog.
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