With this simple tool, check how much you could save by refinancing your mortgage

Imagine this:
Half of all people have a more expensive mortgage than average.
That's right. And while to a great extent it is due to our financial situation (wages, savings) it's mostly due to which bank we happened to talk to and how well we managed to negotiate.

The Rule of 72: how long it will take to double your investment

How do seasoned investors know how to make lightning-quick decisions? What kind of magic tricks do they have up their sleeve?

A lot of this comes from experience, but there are some handy shortcuts that any burgeoning investor can consider. One of these shortcuts is the Rule of 72.

Stock Market Anomalies: September Effect

There are no guarantees when it comes to investing in the stock market. Well, there is one guarantee, and that is you could lose most if not all of your portfolio if the stock market crashes.

Of course, that all depends on if you followed the one simple rule of not putting all your eggs in one basket. However, there is one almost guarantee when it comes to the stock market and that is one of its mysterious annual anomalies: the September Effect.

August 2019 update: blogging income "skyrocketed" 😂

July was a quiet month for me: passive income dropped to 1,775 € and I didn't do much except vacationing. The process on potentially changing my job role is still on-going, but, soon closing in to an end. It's starting to look very likely I have some occupation-related changes coming up soon. Very exciting.

But the most exciting thing is that blog income was 380 €! Wooot?! 😮

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