All the things I spend money on in a year. Total 26,477€

The moment of truth.

You know, I thought I won't do this this year. For a while I thought I had saved myself from doing this because I decided not to follow my expenses monthly last year. But then I looked into Tink, and got a little carried away.

By authenticating through Tink to the different banks I have an account with, I can aggregate all the transaction data for the whole year! Tink even categorizes it for me. After a while of scripting I got a result: 30,000€ spent on bars in January 2019. I'm sorry what? I'm sorry, Tink, but I'm pretty sure that didn't happen, or I'd remember it.

The #1 metric that matters when pursuing financial independence

It's not income

You've probably read about Johnny Depp's financial challenges. The guy allegedly has made 650 million dollars over the course of his career and it's all almost gone. Today he is forced to make more movies, work, which he receives an approximate 20 million dollars per movie. Imagine the agony.

There are countless of examples like that. Clearly even the highest of incomes isn't enough to guarantee financial independence. It's a component of that, but not the essence.

Hyperbolic discounting will ruin your financial targets

Ok I might have gone a LITTLE over board with the title, but nevertheless, it is absolutely critical to understand what hyperbolic discounting is.

Ok, maybe it isn't. Actually, it most definitely is not.

BUT! It's pretty cool. I promise you'll be entertained.

Agrikaab review (2019): Camels, greenhouses, stores and water ponds paying 20% in dividends

Background of Agrikaab

Agrikaab was founded in 2016 by Mohamed M Jimale, who was born in Somalia and moved to Sweden as a refugee. Having IT skills and ties back home to the nomads of Somalia, he decided to do something to help as drought hit East Africa.

April 2019 Update: 17 € from camel milk 🕺🏻

Such an interesting month! Wow! I'm calling this my April update, because I don't think I will be able to always do an update of the passed month right after the month changes. So, as I'm giving my update in April, this is the April update.

Traffic increased from 169 visitors to 243 😁. Now, absolute terms that's no much, but relative terms that's an increase of 44% month-over-month! I'm going to hit over 300 next month. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

I reached 100 Twitter followers, yay! I probably had less than 40 in the beginning of the month, so over +100% growth. I'm sure it gets tougher at some point.

I have 10 readers on my mailing list! That's 5 more than what I did in the beginning. Another +100% growth.

I have a couple of other blogs I write to, but the take off of this one has by far surpassed the others. I feel bad for not finding time to write to all of them enough. I will do my best though! 🙃

Let's get to the actual content, what you're here for. Passive income of this month: 👇🏻

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