Annual expenses update: How did COVID affect my spending?


Work from home, save on lunch, no expensive trips abroad, less eating in a restaurant and so on, right? I should have easily saved a ton in expenses in 2020. How did it go then?

Total expenses increased by over 3,000€. For. Fucks. Sake.

How did that happen? Read on to find out.

How am I investing in 2021

I'm still alive, thank you all who've been asking. I just have been focusing on other things than this blog lately. Work has been busy and other side projects as well. And frankly, I got a little fed up writing about the same stuff. But now I've got a few new ideas. One of them requires more people to use my FIRE caluclator. Though the input data is completely anonymous it lets me understand gross and net income levels across different countries.

NEO Finance review 2021: Efficient peer lending without middlemen


I haven't written new reviews for a while, mostly since I don't like writing bad reviews and there's little to say about most platforms. But for some reason NEO Finance was different. Two things stood out:

  1. They are listed on the Vilnus Stock Exchange (VSE) with the ticker NEOFI
  2. They operate a payment initiation service Neopay

I'll explain further why I think these are important, but first, let's cover some more background.

What is P2P investing?

Originally the term P2P investing (peer-to-peer investing) was coined to refer to the form of investing where individuals (peers) lend to other individuals, with the use of a service (aka. a platform) that facilitates the transaction. The borrower would raise a loan of e.g. 1000€ and multiple private lenders could pitch in to the loan.

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