How much money do you need?

"I think people can have too much money", I said and was instantly met with amusement. "You can buy a sailing boat for me", was the response, followed by "and a new car".

It was midsummer night in Finland and we were already quite relaxed from wine. My audience was of friends who all have it quite well. Some have a million or two, some "just" hundreds of thousands. In the next circle of acquaintances, some have tens of millions.

June update: 2,122 € passive income

Another very interesting month behind and a big step closer towards financial freedom. My first stage goal is 3,000€ in monthly passive pre-tax income, which translates to 2,100€ post-tax. As per my previous post, my monthly expenses are about 2,200€, so the goal doesn't currently completely cover my expenses, but, there is definitely some wiggle room in my budget (ehm. travel) for me to still live very comfortably with what I'm targeting.

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