July 2019 update: 2,056€ passive income

Such an interesting month! I'm in a process that might mean my role will change significantly. It might mean lots of new things to do, new responsibilities, new things to learn. But it's still a bit open. And we haven't even started to talk specifics yet.

This process has taken most of my free time, which has meant almost no time to blog. Luckily that hasn't meant shutdown. On the contrary. It's the best month in the short history of the blog!

For those who are new, hi! I'm The Wealthy Finn! Nice to have you here.

I'm going to become financially independent. I almost feel like I already am. You don't actually need a lot of money to live a good life. With 400k€+, I am already at a point where I feel like I can do what I like. But I can't just stop going to work, not just yet.

My first stage goal is 3,000€ in monthly passive pre-tax income, which translates to 2,100€ post-tax. As per my earlier post, my monthly expenses are about 2,200€, so the goal doesn't currently completely cover my expenses, but, there is definitely some wiggle room in my budget (ehm. travel) for me to still live very comfortably with what I'm targeting.

It was a good month for the blog. Although I had time to post only twice last month, the blog managed to breach the magical threshold of 1,000 unique monthly visitors first time in June. Yay! I've considered a great long-term goal as about 30,000 unique monthly visitors, so I figured I just need to double five times now, right?

Subscribers grew to 67 (44), twitter followers to 650 (540) and Pinterest followers to 64 (59). It's a start, but it'll take time. Blog income held just above a 100€.

Let's get to the actual content, what you're here for. Passive income of this month: 👇🏻

annualized* income
Bondora 17% 632 €
Lainaaja 7% 382 €
Mintos 12% 201 €
Swaper 14% 199 €
Envestio 18% 198 €
Crowdestor 15% 114 €
Robocash 12% 101 €
Agrikaab 32%** 96 €
Dividends 1% 84 €
Kuetzal 13% 16 €
Fastinvest 12% 10 €
Grupeer 13% 9 €
Viainvest 10% 6 €
Peerberry 10% 5 €
Twino 12% 2 €
Rent 4% 1 €
Total 2 056 €
* Best guess of long-term return on investment
** Agrikaab pays out quarterly

I'm 69% at my goal, which is slightly less than previous month (2,122€ / 71%). This does not include blog income (104 €) and I have deducted loan principal payment of rental apartment (260 €) from rent. Blog income isn't passive really and with the apartment, it's income I don't really have access to.

Goal: 2,056 € / 3 000 € in passive income
69 %

Passive income of other bloggers

There are quite a few European passive income blogs. The below chart gives a good picture of how we're progressing. Last month the chart grew with financeshot.com, glad to have you! Check out the full chart 👇🏻

There seem to be emerging two distinct groups: those who start blogging after they're already quite far on the road, and then there's the larger group that start documenting early on.

If you're looking for some value reviews on crowdfunding platforms and you've already read mine (😏), have a look at investmentjourney.eu. The author is pretty far on the journey, already receiving close to 900€ monthly in passive income (congrats!). The portfolio is very balanced, which makes the blog a good source for first-hand experiences.

Bloggers, if you wish to join the above graph, just drop me an email, or read more instructions.

-782 € decrease in invested capital 

This chart contains capital changes in June. Positive numbers is net capital added (including reinvestments), negative numbers are net principal paid back. This includes only capital that got invested. Stocks increased due to markets, not because of reinvestments. I forgot to buy stocks last month (oops) or add capital to my Grupeer account (double oops). I'll be fixing that this month.

Here's what my most significant wealth looks like in categories this month.

As the pie grows, I notice getting more concerned about diversification than maximising returns. The size of the pie is about 394,000 €, and has come up from last month (391,000) due to a positive market and interests.

A deeper look into the 2,056 € monthly passive income

Passive income dropped slightly from 2,122€ last month to 2,056 €. Unfortnuately, I need 26,477 post tax to support my current lifestyle. There's still some way to go.

Let's zoom in on the different sources, shall we. Grab a coffee.


Interest from Lainaaja is falling as I am withdrawing the principal from this marketplace.

Lainaaja dropped from 613€ in May to just 382€ in June 2019. A huge drop! I'm not entirely sure why this is, but it could indicate loans either going to be delayed, or it's a seasonal fluctuation - people taking a month off from paying back debt for the summer.

I've mentioned previously that it was a mistake to put everything in one basket with Lainaaja and I was in the process of divesting my Lainaaja portfolio anyway when they announced that they will stop the P2P business.

Even though the Lainaaja portfolio is over 3x my Bondora portfolio, the returns are smaller.


With still 28,867 € in Bondora, I got 632 € (compared to 704 €) in interest. That's 30% per annum. The unfortunate part is of course that not all principal is recovered, which means there will be some defaults and losses.

To try and estimate what your overall annual returns end up being, there needs to be some assumptions, like how much will you need to write off from your principal. I'm going to keep developing my own Google Sheets for this purpose, which currently gives me a guess of 17% IRR, as does Bondora currently (gone down).

I've decided decrease my portfolio in Bondora to balance it with other platforms. I'm not going to sell the portfolio nor will I convert to Go & Grow, since I'm interested in how the late loans behave. Stick with me!

There's also a proper review on Bondora, you should read it!


I'm really happy with Mintos as it's just a steady performer.

With 22,975€ invested, the revenue from the platform was 201 € in June (Compared to 208 € in March) which is about 11% per annum.

There are no surprises, things just work. Mintos is a solid back bone of my P2P portfolio.

I don't mind getting interest rates like 18%, but it's hard to see that being sustainable. I would be thrilled to get even 10%+ on a long-term and with the muscles Mintos has, it is well equipped to weather some bad times, too.

If you haven't checked out my Mintos review, please do so!


The Swaper portfolio stayed at 18,957 €. With an income of 199 € (compared to 248 €) it stands at about 13% annualized returns.

I'm entitled to a 2% loyalty bonus and most of my loans are 11%, over time I should be looking at roughly 13%+ returns.

Swaper is a fairly hands-off platform. To tackle cash drag, I created multiple auto-investment profiles. I believe it means I'm investing in the same loans many times over, but since Swaper has full buyback guarantee and since they're backed by a larger organization, I am taking the risk.


RoboCash accepts deposits up to 10,000 € only, so that's what I did. That has now grown to 10,276 € and yielded 101 € interest in June (98 € in May), which is about 13% annualized.

RoboCash is a completely hands-off platform. I have a full review on RoboCash too. Please do read it!


I have 1 036 € invested in Grupeer and for now, so the returns aren't so very high either: 9 € for June, which it does translate to 12% annualized.

I've just now added another 5,000 € to my Grupeer account, so the update after next should be a lot higher. I have a lot of trust on Grupeer and I think it will become another backbone to my portfolio next to Mintos.

Most of my investments are in 13%-interest amortized business loans, with buyback guarantee. That is pretty sweet. I'm very much starting to like Grupeer and will likely increase my investment there.

Here's my review on Grupeer.


I have now 10,500 € invested in Envestio and got 198 € interest paid in June (139 € in May) . That translates to 26% annualized. Long term it won't be above 20%.

Through Envestio, I've invested in aluminium production, fruits wholesale, urban mining, sawn timber and wood pallets. All are secured debt and Envestio has a 90% buyback guarantee themselves.

Envestio has become so popular that most of their projects fill up in hours, so, if you are looking to get on board investing through Envestio, it's a good time to sign up and transfer money ready to your account. When you sign up using my affiliate link, you'll also get a 0.5% bonus interest for the first 270 days.

Stay tuned for a proper review on Envestio!


There are so many great marketplaces to choose from, so it took me a while before I got around investing in Crowdestor. So far I have only put 6,000 € in one project: INCH2. The company's sales growth is staggering and they are looking for funds to fuel that growth. They're also global, having access to Russia, Asia and United States. The project is still open until 5th of June. The interest is 18%, backed by Crowdestor's BuyBack fund as well as a commercial pledge by the borrower on the stocks funded.

June brought me first interest from Crowdestor: 114 €, which is 25% annualized.

No change in principal from last month.

Fast Invest

Fast Invest is a very clean and simple P2P lending platform.

So far I only have 1,010 € invested on Fast Invest. Interest in June was 10 €, which means 12% annually.

I like Fast Invest in that it's a very straight forward, clean, usable platform. They provide buyback guarantees and have a lot of loans with 12% interests. So as long as the platform stays up, it's a great one to diversify your portfolio on. I know I will.


Kuetzal is a brilliant platform that I will definitely bet more on from now on.

I so far only have 1,010 € invested on Kuetzal as I'm just starting out. My interest was 16 € in June, which is about 21%.

What makes Kuetzal so frigging great is that it has very attractive projects with high interest, which are still covered by a buyback guarantee. I'm not sure how long that will last, so better be quick if you want to enjoy those. I also like that it is great balance to my consumer loan portfolio.

At the time of writing there is a project that has 19% interest with 12 month term that has buy-back guarantee. Look it up on their site. 👍🏻


Peerberry is another P2P consumer crowdlending platform.

For now I have 1,000 € invested on Peerberry and got just 5 € interest in June, which is about 5%. Over time it should be closer to 11%.

Peerberry also offers buyback guarantees for the loans. It's a very simple, clean platform again. Great for anyone looking to diversify their consumer crowdlending portfolio.


A very similar story to Peerberry, Viainvest is another P2P consumer lending platform with very similar specs.

I have 1,010 € invested in ViaInvest and got 6 € in interest, which annualized is about 6 %

Other upcoming platforms

Trine: I invested 1,000 € in a one-year project to offset 4 people's CO2 emissions, with an expected interest of 7%. I wrote about it in an earlier blog post.

I also opened accounts and invested 1,000 € in Bulkestate, but haven't received any income from that just yet..


The camel 🐪 is doing very well, thank you.

I have previously told that I bought a camel on Agrikaab and it cost me 1 375 €.

Normally the camel would pay dividends of 8% per quarter, but due to unrest earlier this year, we only got 7% for this quarter, which is 96 € and 31% annualized. Not bad!

For those of you interested in reading more about Agrikaab, check out the review I wrote on them.

Thanks for reading

Thank you so much dear reader for visiting! I hope you've subscribed! I think I will need to start writing some more review content on the site, let me know if there's a specific one that would interest you.

And before you leave, why don't you say hi? 😊 👇🏻

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